Crea3vity Kft. is a 3D printing company. We help you conceive, design and print specific objects for your needs. Bring your idea or model! Our service is high quality, fast and reliable. We are in Budapest, Hungary.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a technology that allows us to design three dimensional objects with computer software.
The virtual object is then imported into a printing program, sliced into layers and special instructions are calculated to be sent to the printer.
The object is then materially fabricated depositing thin layers of the material one over the other until the full object is created.


We print monochromatic objects in PLA (bioplastic) and in wood filament (30% plywood-resin mix).
20 cm
We print single objects
in 20cm x 20cm x 20cm dimension and we digitally divide and later combine bigger objects.
Guiding prices
PLA (monochromatic)170 HUF/g
wood (30% plywood-resin mix)400 HUF/g
3D scanning1500 HUF/scan
scanning + 3D printingfrom 2200 HUF/object
From ideas to reality
Crea3vity 3D Nyomtatás Kft.
sales contact
Ábel Pintér
+36 20 236 10 95